Helen Simonson (2022)

Croton Reads held two events this year. To kick it off we started with a satellite event with singer Cris Groenendaal accompanied by his wife Sue Anderson on the piano, performing “Songs of Love”. Some sweet, some moving, and some very funny songs, and all together a wonderful journey brought to us by highly impressive talent. Broadway veterans in our midst! We are quite lucky, indeed.

The main event was prefaced by sharing our very own patrons’ charming anecdotes about their love stories. And then the anticipated visit by the author of our chosen book Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, Helen Simonson, was, as one audience member commented “a resounding success". Ms. Simonson was a joy, and over cups of tea she shared many of her own anecdotes, and many back stories to writing this book. It only took a few questions from our moderator, and Ms. Simonson was off and running, regaling us with her wit. She proved to be smart and kind, with a keen intelligence, and as delightful as her novel. It was a much appreciated escape from all our worries during the pandemic. We all wanted to take her home and share more cuppa’ teas with her!