R.J. Palacio (2016)

While Croton Reads has been a highlight in town over the last few years, our third annual event was made all the more special by including readers of all ages. We couldn’t have chosen a better book to truly make this a reading experience for the entire village. R.J. Palacio’s novel Wonder captured the imaginations and hearts of pre-school kids and retirees, plus everyone in between. The hundreds of people that participated in the community-wide panel discussion, the book signing, and the author presentation, came together to explore this touching story and how it relates to our lives as members of this community. Outside of these events, it was magical to overhear the meaningful conversations taking place around town and see you all choosing kind.

We’ll be sure to choose another book for next year that will again encourage you all to share the pleasure of reading with your friends and family and have the perfect excuse to start up conversations with anyone in town. Stay tuned and make sure in 2017 you can answer “yes” to the question “Have you read the Croton Reads selection?”