The Whimsical Art of Howard Ellis

Whimsical painting

On view through February 2023

Reception: Sunday, January 8th from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

"My art can be described as funky, with a touch of whimsey. Sometimes I let my dark side emerge.

"My career as a textile designer, focusing on knitted fabrics, employed a different form of art in that color and patterning were an integral part of my job. When I retired from my business career, I filled up the void by consulting companies on fabric development.

"In my spare time I slowly began to paint and draw. There was freedom of expression in painting and drawing that I did not have in my business career, which involved creativity based on precision. My inspiration came from the same sources of imagination that benefitted my work, but I finally had no restrictions.

"I am a visual observer of my surroundings, and I am able to imagine shapes and colors. These are the foundation of my art. At times I integrate my own textiles into my paintings, bridging my two passions."

-Howard Ellis

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