Transforming Chatter by Inez Andrucyk

Flyer showing paintings

On view March 2 to April 27, 2023

Reception: Saturday, March 4 from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

"This exhibition aims for joyful reflections of lived moving time. The paintings are the direct action of watching thoughts, body, materials, emotions, sounds, rise, fall, then disappear and play improv while softening conceptual edges. I find a relaxing comfort in the interactive movements of bright, sometimes assertive colors as they resolve to subdue, overtake and transform media implanted human chatter and tie up the messy stuff in ropey lines, lassoing confusion towards various elements of melodiousness as a return to the authenticity of the present moment where duality blends and experience has no filters."

Artist's Statement:

"Evolving from creating art within communities through public arts, events coordination, teaching, and curating, my current private practice has benefited from influence by many incredible community voices. Next to this world, however, lives a dualistic media culture with dystopian reasoning and apocalyptic anti-logic creating confusion and fear regarding personal and group identities."

"As antidote and refuge, my newest artwork chooses to be concerned with process and flow as an awareness of the present as it moves through time, surely not a journey into subconsciousness, but awareness."

Artist's Biography:

"Inez Andrucyk has exhibited, curated, and been published in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, and New Jersey, including murals in the Bronx and Portchester, She served as painting director of Peekskill Painting Poetry where community is the medium. Her poetry has been expressed through Studio theater in Exile at Hudson Valley MOCA and serves on the board of Collaborative Concepts. She is also pleased to be part of Carla Rae Johnson’s traveling journal exhibitions, Arc of the Moral universe and Arc of the Viral Universe. Artwork can be seen at"

-Inez Andrucyk

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