Reflections on Our Struggling World: Paintings by Lone Thygesen Blecher

Lone Belcher Art

ON DISPLAY: July 1 - August 31

"We live in interesting times, and often they are fraught with darkness and struggle. My work grapples with the complexity and onslaught of the political, personal and existential. All of the terror we have no choice but to deal with every day, as wars and climate change and one catastrophic event after another is handed to us. How do we make sense of it, and how do we not lose hope and joy? How to connect our internal realities with all of the outside madness? I look for what keeps us anchored and grounded. Holding on to the the solidity of nature, the foundations under our feet, the things with deep roots -- in spite of the chaos, fears for future generations, and the violence and ignorance that threaten our will to carry on.

"My paintings are my monuments of exuberance, celebrating our determination to endure, to fight for what we know is good, strong and joyful. They are testaments to allowing our collective humanity and connection to the natural world grant us faith and trust that we will persevere. Without darkness and chaos, there can also be no new revelations."

About the artist:
Lone Thygesen Blecher grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, but has lived in the U.S. her entire adult life. While growing her family, she has translated books, taught, and trained and grown as an artist, both in schools in New York City and with a mentor in upstate NY. Her work has been shown in numerous group and solo shows, and hangs in collections around the U.S. and in Denmark. She lives in Peekskill with her husband.

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