Life Patterns by Theresa DeSalvio

CURRENT EXHIBITION: Life Patterns by Theresa DeSalvio

On display May 3 - June 29, 2022

Theresa DeSalvio ‘s paintings are rooted in everyday life, memory and the natural world. Since moving to the Hudson Valley in 2019, many of her paintings have been inspired by life at home-cultivating her garden, canning home grown produce, making fire cider, feeding chickens, stacking wood-images of physical activities in a surrounding space that are both personal and universal.

The repetition of brushstrokes and shapes that create patterns in DeSalvio’s paintings reflect the artist’s thoughts about how our daily lives form patterns as they are guided by the time of day and the seasons. It is this connection between visual patterns created with a paintbrush and the patterns created throughout our lives that is at the core of DeSalvio’s belief that there is no separation between life and art and why her paintings speak to the resilience of the human spirit.

Contact: Theresa DeSalvio

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