A Condition of Light: Paintings by Gabriella Mirabelli

Gabriella Mirabelli Artwork

ON DISPLAY: January - February 2024

RECEPTION: Saturday, January 13, 2024


Gabriella Mirabelli is an artist who values simplicity, space, light, and stillness. Her paintings simplify natural forms into abstract compositions. She traverses the art world of landscape impressionism and abstract realism. She creates art to find peace and serenity in herself and as an analog detour from our increasingly digital lives.

Mirabelli believes that the manmade world is often overwhelming, full of noisy pixels, brutal squares, tight lines, and confining boxes. She explains, “We live in boxes and work in cubes. We take breaks looking at rectangles filled with curated lives. On a nearly daily basis the news reports on generative AI and its efficiency at producing a pastiche of human creativity. Painting lets me quiet all the noise and connect with the essence of things. When I’m outside my mind simplifies natural forms into abstractions of light and shadow.”

Mirabelli likens her paintings to maps and hopes that they “guide viewers away from the algorithm and into the grounded stillness of the natural world.” From snowy woods to sleepy sunrises and through the changing seasons, Mirabelli’s paintings symbolize the transience of life and the impermanence of moments, the fleeting nature of time and experiences. Our desire to hold things that can't be held.

In sharing the condition of the light, viewers can be present with an impermanent moment of her past. The success of her work lies in evoking emotions, not replicating scenes, offering a journey back to the grounded stillness of the natural world.

Gabriella lives in Croton on Hudson.

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