The Art of Stefano Luigi Guida


ON DISPLAY: March - April 2024

RECEPTION: Saturday, April 20, 2024

Stefano Luigi Guida (b. 1991) was born in Yonkers NY and currently lives and works as an art teacher in the Hudson Valley. His work has been featured in over 40 exhibits throughout the tri-state area since 2016. 

SLG is a mixed media artist and musician whose work is rooted in doodling and is heavily influenced by the zany aesthetic of 90s cartoons. His paintings use a wide array of mediums and have a unique visual language developed over the course of his career. 

“To me, one of the most important things about being an artist is to not take yourself too seriously, and to always make art that is genuinely you.” 

SLG is a self-taught artist with a background in art history which lends to the unique stylization seen throughout his work. This exhibition features a wide range of paintings from throughout his career and displays a wide breadth of ideas, subjects, and mediums.

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