Mary Roach (2017)

Since our first annual Croton Reads in 2014, the Croton Free Library has strived to bring both popular and varied types of authors to our community event. We’re happy to announce that Croton Reads 2017 marked the first year we’ve celebrated a nonfiction author. Mary Roach, author of Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War, was generous enough to visit the Croton Free Library on June 13. Those in attendance were glued to Mary’s words and posed many interesting questions. Mary even posed ideas for her next work and listened to audience feedback. Special thanks to Tina Jordan, Senior Editor at Entertainment Weekly, who did a fantastic job moderating the event, as well as the Village Bookstore for having many copies of Mary’s book available for purchase.

Mary also attended a dinner with two very happy winners of the Croton Reads raffle at the Croton restaurant Tagine. Director Jesse Bourdon also gave Mary a bit of a history lesson on Westchester on the car ride up from Tarrytown, including some background on the Croton Harmon station and Sleepy Hollow cemetery. Overall, we feel the event was a great success and are grateful to both Mary and our Croton community.