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Teen Summer Reading 2018

The teen summer reading game is for teens going into grades 7th and up. The summer reading game begins June 23, 2018 and ends August 17th, 2018, running 8 weeks. Participating in the summer reading game is a great way to get your required summer reading done for school! It’s also a great way to stay connected to reading all summer long!

How the summer reading game works:
Teens are expected to read at least three books by the completion of the teen summer reading game. These can be books form your suggested school summer reading lists, or books of your choice. You will be given a reading log, which will help you and me see at the end of the summer reading game how many books you have read. For every book that you read as part of the summer reading game, please list the title, author, and one sentence about the book on the reading log. You can come in once a week with your reading log and speak to one of the reference librarians to get a prize. If you are away on vacation or you cannot make it in one of the weeks to discuss your book, you may come in anytime throughout the summer and play the game.

You will also be given a book review form; this is an optional form that you may complete. Feel free to complete this form for any of the books that you have read as part of the summer reading game. You may complete more than one book review. The book reviews will be displayed in the teen room. In addition to the book review, you will also be given a questionnaire to fill out. Please bring the questionnaire back to the reference librarian, and these questionnaires will help us find out more about what teens are looking for in the library. You will also be given a bag filled with activity puzzles, and prizes to get you started in your summer reading game.

Looking forward to a great
Teen Summer Reading Program 2018!