eBooks & eAudiobooks

You can now access eBooks and eAudiobooks on your desktop computer, tablet, e-reader, or smartphone. We offer four different services, two of which—Overdrive Advantage and OneClick Digital—have content exclusively for Croton Free Library patrons.

Important note: Make sure you use the links below for Overdrive and OneClick, so you can access the additional Croton-only titles.

Overdrive Advantage

OverDrive digital library allows patrons 24/7 online access to a collection of ebooks and audiobooks that you can use with a wide variety of devices. The basic service is provided by the Westchester Library System, but we subscribe to Overdrive Advantage, which gives Croton Free Library patrons exclusive access to more titles.

OneClick Digital

OneClick Digital is a collection of approximately 4,000 audiobooks for unlimited and instant download to your computer or a variety of mobile devices, including Apple and Android phones and tablets, as well as Kindle tablets. In addition to the core collection provided by WLS, we offer additional titles that are available to Croton Free Library patrons only.


eSebco offers a wide variety of 2nd to 5th grade books for kids—many interactive—that can be read online on a desktop or laptop computer. They also offer an app for the iPhone and iPad.

  • Instructions for using eSebco online and for downloading and using the eSebco app.
  • Visit the eSebco website to read books online.


Freading is one of the Westchester Library System’s ebook collections. These ebooks are available in the ePub and/or PDF formats for a wide variety of computers and mobile devices.