Board of Trustees

Croton Free Library is overseen by a board of nine trustees who serve for staggered five-year terms. New board members are nominated and elected each spring at the annual meeting of the Croton Free Library Association. The duties and responsibilities of the trustees have been established in the Croton Free Library Charter and follow the New York State Education Law.

Library Board of Trustees 2018-2019

  • Leslie Ellis, President, 2019
  • Marianne Merola, Vice-President, 2022
  • Sid Franks, Treasurer, 2022
  • Adora Lam, Secretary, 2020
  • Susan Ranis, 2019
  • Sharyse Eisinger, 2020
  • Mary McFerran, 2021
  • Lynn Kauderer, 2023
  • Ned Rust, 2023


Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be held at the Library at 7:30 P.M. on the second Monday of each month, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Board. There are no meetings in July or August. Said meetings shall be open to the public, and the public shall have the right to participate during the public comment section of the meeting.

The dates for 2018 are:

January 22 June 11
February 12 September 17
March 12 October 15
April 9 November 12
May 14 December 10

Board Meeting Minutes